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Listen to JSE all the time!


It’s time to listen!

ENjoy The Throwbacks and New Music!

JSE Radio is not your average radio station. As DJs in live events, there is no actual way to depict what we do to the general public, unless your at an event. So this station plays a mix of all the most played and requested songs we play as a company. With a little bit of new music and our DJ’s faves mixed in! Watch for special events, genre highlights and look forward to us streaming our events live to the station, so you can hear how and what we do for weddings, festivals and other type of events!

Text JSERADIO to 877.618.3737

That will get you on the list to be notified anytime we go live and/or have a special radio event!

Music is Life

Current Project:
Oct 2020

We are currently looking for local music, based in the Cleveland, Ohio region to spotlight for one evening on our radio station! If you are interested, contact us today to find out how you can get your spot!

Sponsor and Ad PROGRAMS

  • Full Day - Random
    This package basically gets you 10 random plugs through out the day. No rhyme or reason as to where they show. Put in the the music, and shuffled with everything else for one day.
  • Full Week - Random
    Same as the full day, but for 7 days.
  • Randomized Daily Plugs
    This package will get you random plugs through out the week, with no special commitment to to placement. Giving you up to two spots per day at random times.
  • Special event Sponsor ( 2 Hour Show)
    Most of our special events come in 2 hour blocks. You would be promoted through out that show as our event sponsor.
  • Commercial Audio Production
    Price Varies
    This is all about us creating a voice over, or commercial for your brand. For use on our radio station or other media. Obviously, every situation is different, every commercial has different needs. So upon a consultation, we will figure out what you need and provide you with a quote.
  • Broadcast Your Event
    Price Varies
    Want us to come and broadcast your event? Easy! Drop us a line today so we can connect to find out what you need. We can make it happen!