Gaming Rentals

Video Games - Fun, Team Builders, and so much more!

Video games are no longer for just teens and adults who refuse to move out of their parent’s house. Esports has become more and more accepted as a competitive field. So why not use that advantage at one of your events. 

Bring them to your event an enhancement. Bring them to the next company to get together. Bring them to your venue. Bring them to your next team building session. The possibilities are endless. 

What's Available?

New Tech

  • VR System 1
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    It's new, exciting, and just freaking awesome! You can even have it for your event. Why have us host it? Simple. We do this for a living, and for fun. Our gaming crew games too! Making it hands off on set up, tear down and all things in-between for you. Not to mention, just a ton of fun.
  • 2 VR Systems
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    Not just one VR system, but two! Yeah we know, that was kinda obvious. Seriously though, with two systems, you get double the fun, head to head, competitions and more.

Old tech

  • Retro Gaming
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    Remember all the old favorites you played as a kid? Remember the old gaming systems? We do too! We love to dust em off and bring em out to events!


  • Sound Reinforcement
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    It's one thing to have an awesome gaming system. It's even better to have an awesome gaming system on an awesome sound system. Imagine playing Beat Saber, in stereo, and can be heard easily by spectators?
  • Lighting Reinforcement
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    Uplighting, Stage lighting and more can make your event even more awesome! monograms and more! Contact us for more information.
  • Professional Hosting
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    Having someone who can host an event is awesome an all, but having someone who knows how to host professionally and knows video games? That will take your event to a whole new level! Contact us to find out more about how we can help your event level up.
  • Game Play Videos
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    How cool would that be, team building or competition and recording your games and sessions for replay later? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!

Don't forget to ask about our event photography!