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This is your special day. You need everything to go right. No room for error, no room for miscommunication.  Remember, especially when it comes to your wedding, you get what you pay for. If your budget is only a couple hundred for a DJ at your wedding, you may find that you’re wishing you had spent more on your wedding DJ after the fact.


There are so many small things that go unnoticed by “new” wedding DJs. Everything from improperly pronouncing someone’s name to not respecting your do not play list in order to meet a request from someone at your wedding.


Remember when picking the DJ for your wedding reception. After all the formalities, the DJ is almost 100% responsible for everything that will occur. Your DJ can make or break your wedding reception. It can be the best time that your friends and family have had, or it can be the worst and most uneventful.  Being a DJ for a crowd that has age ranges of teens to seniors requires more than just a big music library. It requires a talented DJ.


Weddings with J Sabol Entertainment are handled much differently than a lot of companies.  We will meet with you before you  decide to hire us. We will meet with you after you have hired us. We will meet with you months prior to the wedding, and we will meet with you days before the wedding. We do all of this because understand that things change. We want to make sure that we are walking into your wedding prepared.  We want to ensure every part of your wedding that we have is smooth and seamless.  This includes times lines, music selection, dinner music selection, etc.




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