Imagine this, you walk up to a big group of people. All dancing and having a blast. All to the same beat. Yet, you hear no music. You’re confused. How are they hearing music, it is mass hysteria? Nah, it’s silent disco.  Look closer, they all have headphones on!


We get asked all the time, what is silent disco? We have tried to explain it, again, and again, and again, and to be honest. Putting into words, just doesn’t do it any justice.  Honestly, you can’t explain the excitement you have of dancing like no one is watching ( when honestly, everyone is watching), but you get so immersed  in the music coming through the head phones you don’t even see you are being watched.


It’s not just dancing, it’s an experience. An experience like none other.


It’s also perfect. Perfect for so many different scenarios and different types of events.  You have those neighbors, that don’t want you throwing a party, because the music is too loud. Problem solved with headphones. Colleges love them too! You can throw a party just about anywhere on campus, and not have to worry about noise complaints! Even weddings can be transformed into a totally new experience.


If you’re having a larger event, and you have a lot of things going on but still want people to be able to dance. This is the perfect fit. We have done this at the Cleveland Beer Fest, The Cleveland Browns Fan Fest, John Carrol University and many other places along the way. It gives people a place to party hard, try something new, and then go back to everything else!


Silent disco enables you to throw a party anytime and anywhere.


Looking to find out how much? Shoot us off an email. Each party has different requirements. The number of headphones is the main thing you need to be ready to answer! All of our packages include dance floor lighting to enhance the experience!



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