We understand that everyone likes their privacy. We also understand that no one wants to receive massive amounts of mail from any particular business or entity.

We wanted to take a moment and map out how the email and text programs work.


Text for bonus points: You get bonus points upon texting, and then you will receive bonus points in accordance with trivia style shows at the venue. Ideally you will receive one text per week.


Text to win contest: In a text to win contest, you will receive multiple texts when signing up. Then an announcement for the winner.


All contact information provided to J Sabol Entertainment may get you an extra text or email once in a while when we are running a contest, special event, or some sort of promotion. We do not send these out often. We are too busy to spam!


And lastly we do not share, sell, trade, or do anything else with your personal information, unless it is otherwise stated in the rules. Typically this applies to contests where we are teamed up with other vendors, which means we will share with only those vendors. No random 3rd parties!

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