A  DJ or your wedding is more then just a DJ.  There is a misconception that a DJ just come in a pushes play. Well, we are not gonna lie, there are many that do, and yes at some point in time we do have to push play. We are so much more than pushing a button.


Your wedding day is a day to be remembered.  There are no do-overs. There is no room for mistakes. This means that on this day, you need a professional DJ who has done weddings, and who knows exactly what they are doing. We provide just that.


With our DJs, we do everything we can to ensure your big day goes as smooth and seamless as possible. Acting as an event coordinator the day of, making sure everyone involved in the next step is ready to go.  Each of our DJs that are trained for weddings are put through a rigorous training program to ensure, they can meet the needs of each wedding.  We don't insist you do anything a certain way. Its your day, it should be your way. We will however, help you through the planning phase on everything that we are  apart. Our ceremony and reception planners, will help you plan nearly every aspect of the big day and our involvement. We also have a wedding planner on board that can do all of your planning for you!


Oh, and we suppose we should talk about the actual DJing part too! All of our DJs are trained to read your guests, read the atmosphere, and do what we can to get the dance floor packed, and keep people dancing all night long. We have a very vast and legal music library, that allows us to keep the music going with all of the favorites of todays and yesterdays music. Even on that we have a nifty little trick that keeps the older generation happy, and the younger generations still rocking!


Call us for a consultation. There is no obligation, and no pressure to book with us. Our goal is for you to want to book with us, not to convince you to book with us!



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