We have said it before and we will say it again, Regular Trivia is old news!  It is time to bring something new , refreshing, and not already being done at 1 in 4 locations in the area!  It is time for Name This Tune!


You remember that old show? The guy would have some of a song played on piano and then the contestant would have to guess it? We have taken it one step further. We play a portion of the actual song!


::::How Does it work? ::::

One of our hosts will have a song clip played, and one of your teams will have to guess title and artist.  On top of that, there are specialty rounds, that not only the players enjoy, but they get to get involved in the game from another angle. Not just as a player who listens.


:::: Where type of venue would work best?  ::::

ANY!! Truth is you still end up with several people playing along from their seat by themselves or with a friend. Half the fun for bystanders is wondering what song is going to come next.  If you are having a private event, then it could even be tailored to you event.




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