Starter Kit For Players

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How it works:



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If you are not registered with in the first three weeks of the contest period, you cannot enter.

You can play at your “Home Bar” as well as other participating venues that are holding the Speed Quizzing game show.

Teams need to use the same name each week, and at each show for proper tracking.


Points and Scoring

Scoring will be based off participation in participating venues.  League teams should check in with the host, notifying him/her, they are a part of the league. Points will be based upon standing in the night.


Scoring towards the League from a night played

50 points, for first place,

40 for second

30 for third

20 for 4th

And 10 points for anything else.

If you play at 3 venues, and win 1st place, you could potentially win 150 points towards your overall score.



In order to score points, you will need to attend weekly shows, more points are available by attending multiple locations.



Length of contest

League will run for 7 weeks starting on XXXX ending on XXXX.



Winning and Placement

Weekly/nightly bonus points are made available to all contestants via, Facebook, text to, emails, and any other methods chosen by JSE and the venues.


Winning will be determined by the number of points accrued from participating in weekly shows.

A running weekly scoreboard will be provided on Facebook and on the website League winners will be determined by accumulative number of points scored throughout the seven weeks at multiple locations.



We will be awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place prizes.



Current prizes:

$100 Cash

$25 Giftcards from Each Particpating venue.

$100 Gift Cert for J Sabol Entertainment for any of our DJ services.

4 pack tickets to a Cleveland sports game, game will depend on season and pending sponsor. If no sponsor is achieved for this, JSE will purchase the tickets.



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