• Can I request a specific DJ?

    Absolutely! Keep in mind that when requesting a specific DJ, there are limitations on availability. In most cases we will do everything we can to ensure that you have the DJ you want at your event. However, if someone else has already requested that DJ, we will not be able to pull that DJ from that event.

  • Do you do anything for Fundraisers?

    Of course we do! Even if we are not working the event we will donate a gift certificate for your event.  If you find yourself in need of entertainment, or MC services, we also provide them at a reduced cost. See our Fundraising page for more information!

  • Do you travel?

    Of course! And in most cases, the additional expense for travel is typically limited to cover costs of travel and lodging.

  • Will my DJ Stand on his head?

    Not one of our strangest requests. It is possible depending on the DJ that you may get him or her to stand on here head. Be sure to ask in advance!

  • Do you have any toppings besides pepperoni and sausage? I'm thinking about becoming a vegetarian.

    I think you have our company confused with something else, but we do have a diverse group of DJs and hosts with different personalities. I'm sure one of them could fit your entertainment needs.

  • I love playing trivia, and could do it all day, but your shows are only two hours long. Can I take you home with me?

    You're in luck! Since we are a mobile entertainment company , we can bring our services to you if you're hosting a private trivia event! If you ask nicely, one of our hosts might even play against you in Trivia Crack

  • Where do babies come from?

    We don't think any of us should probably answer that question. We did hear though, that music was someone how involved, and we know some great music for the occasion!

  • What came first, the chicken or the egg???

    From the chicken comes the egg and from the egg comes the chicken? We were hoping that you knew......

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